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PTNET(www.enptnet.cn), the news website of Pingtan International Tourism Island, has been sponsored by the CPC Working Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone(PCPZ). Founded in Jan.2015, PTNET was approved as Category Three Qualification for Publishing News. As the only news portal in PCPZ, PTNET has been trying to bring the advantages of the Internet into full play to assume the responsibilities of serving as a new channel to announce authoritative information, as a new guide to serve the people by government departments, as a new window to bond with people across the Taiwan Straits, as a new platform to show Chinese cultural charm, as a new carrier to strengthen promoting PCPZ to the outside world, and as the top window, image and broadcaster contributing to building PCPZ into a common homeland for the cross-Straits compatriots.

The layout has divided the web into the four sections of Top News, Investment, Sinology and Travel. Besides, three special columns of Picture, Video and Panorama have been set up.


PTNET aims to offer all kinds of useful information and have PCPZ understood by the world and reach out to the world.


PTNET, under the leadership of the local government, is the most authoritative news portal in PCPZ.

PTNET is the news website of the special zone on the Chinese Mainland opening up exclusively to Taiwan.

PTNET has been making efforts to excel in development and technology compared with our counterparts. We have not only joined dozens of mainstream platforms at home, but also connect with those at abroad. In the meantime, PTNET has utilized panorama-style reporting, which is unprecedented in Fujian province. The innovation creates an immersed and real-life experience.

Readers can enjoy intense atmosphere of learning Chinese language、culture and history. PCPC will build itself into a hub for Sinology across the Taiwan Straits. PTNET attaches great importance to promoting Sinology and endeavors to foster a common homeland for a new era that is mentally connected for people across the Straits and will be an important platform across the Taiwan Straits for disseminating Sinology.


The buildup and development of PTNET heralds stepping into a brand-new development stage for the information industry of PCPZ, will play an enormous and irreplaceable role in realizing PCPZ’s internationalization. Therefore, PTNET will work as a key window of showing PCPZ for the world. The ultimate goal of PTNET is to build ourselves into a comprehensive website based on the principles of being headquartered in PCPZ, keeping a close eye to Taiwan and going global.

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