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Thank you for following us! If you have anything related to problems、opinions 、suggestions 、news clues and businesses, welcome getting in touch with us.

Hotline: +86 (591) 23139377

Fax: +86(591) 23139377

Email: ptnetcntz@ptnet.cn

Add: Building No.11, Taiwan Pioneer Park, Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Fujian 350400, PRC

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Reporting CALL for Illegal&Harmful Information: +8659123163842 E-mail: ptnetcntz@ptnet.cn
Reporting CALL - Fujian Morality Committee of News: +8659187275327
Reporting CALL for National Illegal Network&Public Relations Provided by the Industrial and Commercial Authorities: +861088650507 (Daytime Service) +861068022771 (Night Service)
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