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Legal Terms&Statements

Pingtan (www.ptnet.cn), including but not limited to text reports, pictures, sounds, videos, diagrams, logos, logos, advertisements, trademarks, trade names, domain names, software, programs, layouts, Column catalog and name, content classification standards, are subject to the "Copyright Law", "People's Republic of China Trademark Law", "Patent Law of the People's Republic of China" and applicable international conventions on copyright, trademark, patent and / Or other property ownership law protection, for the Pingtan network or related rights holders exclusive ownership or hold.

Without Pingtan unauthorized reproduced without permission, extract works of copyright works, Pingtan network will be held accountable according to law.

The statement is as follows:

1, Pingtan network copyright works, be sure to be authorized in writing.。

2, Pingtan network feed Customers according to the agreement agreed manner and quantity of information extracted, indicate the source of information and the author's name. Pingtan network shall not be unauthorized use of the name of non-standard network source information reproduced, unknown copyright information, such as impostor.

3, no contract after the expiration of the agreement to continue to use Pingtan network copyright works as infringement.

If the manuscript reproduced on this website involves your copyright, reputation rights and other issues, please contact with this website as soon as possible, this website will be properly handled in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations as soon as possible.

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