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Pingtan delicacy:Steamed Mangrove Crab with Sticky Rice

Pingtan Net | Updated:2018-07-15 | Lin Kongbo


The marine creature, the mangrove crab, is also known as “Golden Crab ”, and those from Dongxiang Islet off Pingtan Island top its kind. The live crab, after being drunk by rice wine, will be cut into pieces. Mushrooms and preserved vegetables will also be added to spice the dish up. Put all ingredients in a porcelain pot with soaked glutinous rice above them. Cover the pot with a lid and steam till it is mellow and bright in color.

Legend has it that the crab was chosen as a precious marine product serving imperial families in ancient China. It is also said that this dish is of highly nutritious value especially for the infant children learning to walk.

Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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