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Haitan Ancient Town

english.pingtan.gov.cn | Updated:2021-10-29

Situated at the northern part of the Tannan Bay tourist resort in Pingtan, Fujian province, Haitan Ancient Townis a large cultural tourism complex that houses buildings modeled on ancient architectural styles, the first tourist attraction of its kind in China.

With an investment of 8.6 billion yuan ($1.4 billion), Haitan Ancient Town occupies an area of 698,000 square meters and consists of more than 150 old-style buildings, most of them two- or three-stories high, housing restaurants, snack bars, homestay hostels, starred hotels and souvenir stores.

It also serves as one of the most important cross-Straits cultural communication bases in Pingtan. Various cultures collide and dazzle tourists in Haitan Ancient Town, where people can see Min Opera, Hakka snacks, a Matzu-themed temple fair and a Taiwan-style night fair.

Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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