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en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-01-06

Maotouqian Village [Photo by Cai Qihui]

Bored with the hustle and bustle of city life? Tired of towering skyscrapers? If tranquil harbor is your thing, then Maotouqian Village of Pingtan might be the perfect getaway. Located at the northern end of Pingtan Island, Maotouqian is a lesser-known attraction. Without any hint of worldly extravagance, this hidden gem still retains the most modest yet pristine qualities of Mother Nature.

Overlooking the entire village from high, Big Cat Mountain and Small Cat Mountain are the most eye-catching, resembling a cat’s head, from which the place got its name.

Located at the neck of Small Cat Mountain is a royal tomb where it is said that the son-in-law of Ryukyu Empire's Emperor rests. Rumor has it that chests of gold scattered the very grounds where the tomb sits, luring many treasure hunters.

Maotouqian is also the shooting location of the hit Chinese reality show "Where Are You Going, Dad?".

Above all, the most impressive thing about Maotouqian is the crystal clear emerald water, which feels mirror-like and almost magical.

Chinese actress Song Yi poses in Maotouqian [Photo from Weibo]

Today, the development on the island has awakened this once ancient village from its lazy slumber. Rows upon rows of stone houses ascend from the foot of the hills, forming a delightful juxtaposition of modernity and ecology. Rolling hills embrace seclusion- a picture of purity and simplicity.

Transformed into cozy abodes for weary travelers, these stone houses in Maotouqian have retained their original rustic appeal. No fancy decors. Just down-to-earth elegance. Mediterranean-style doors and windows and potted green plants, placed at random. If this isn't poetic enough, we don't know what is.

Maotouqian viewing platform

After eating and drinking your fill, take some time to unwind on the Maotouqian viewing platform. Nearby, some wildflowers bloom brilliantly, and windmills spin lazily in the wind. Romance is in the air.  

In the evening, twinkling stars adorn the night sky. Search and pluck out the brightest evening star. Let this magical moment coax you into dreamland. A bright moon hangs above the night sky gently, bidding Maotouqian, "Good Night & Good Luck.”

Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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