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Explore your “fanta-seas” in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-04-13 | Lin Kongbo Stephanie

Let Pingtan, the beloved treasure island off E China's Fujian province, fulfill all your wildest "fanta-seas."

Apart from stunning coastlines, Pingtan has a flurry of exciting programs to keep you entertained, ranging from blood-pumping kitesurfing to relaxing sea foraging. So, come and unleash your inner fantasies for the ocean in Pingtan.

Kitesurfing: "Dancing" the crest of the wave

Longwangtou beach is an exceptional paradise for kitesurfing enthusiasts. Every year, kitesurfers gather to engage in sparring matches of "fancy acrobatic prowess." Riding the waves, spinning in the wind, soaring in the air...Indeed, a stunning showdown not to be missed. Here, on this winding beachfront, it is a visual feast and a gush of adrenaline. Under the guidance of friendly coaches, you'll have the "best ride" of your life.

Sailing: Slow-paced relaxation

Sailing, yachting, and fancy cruise are sports exclusive of the rich? Not anymore. Now in Pingtan, you can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience at budget comfort. So mark down your bucket list and head down to Pingtan today.

Tannan Bay dubbed the "platinum coast," is noted for its fine sand. Roam on the ecological corridor built along the beach, as the view opens up to the vast sight of the "great blue" stretching beyond the horizon to meet the azure sky.  

Taking an unpowered sailboat never lets you down. A lifejacket and an experienced navigator are the best guarantees for tourists. 

Driven by the wind, the sailboat swells its sails and marches into the great blue yonder. As the horizon draws closer, all worldly woes will melt into oblivion.

Accelerated by the velocity, the boat sways as jumping seasprays trail on the sides of the stern and hull. Experiencing occasional jerks and a couple of sways on the ride defines part of the experience. Fun but safe!

Speedboat: Adrenaline pumping

Compared with sailing, taking a speedboat gets your adrenaline pumping at full speed. 

Speedboats are neatly docked at Tannan Bay. The customized speedboat can only take one person. It is like a pair of sharp scissors, cutting open the calm sea. At full throttle, jets of water came splashing about in the wild cheers and screams of tourists.

When the afterglow casts the sea in amber and the lights of gold bath the surface in a haze of gold, take a speedboat ride to catch the last rays of sunset.  

Beachcombing: Bringing in the gifts of the sea

Bays with open, gentle beaches are perfect for a little "treasure hunt." At dusk, beachcombing is a must-experience activity for tourists in Changjiang’ao Bay and Beigang Village. 

After the tide ebbs, rocks with the green seaweed attached slowly surfaced. Tourists take the opportunity to roll up trousers and take a shovel and a bucket to search for shellfish. 

Prepare a bucket and plenty of salt, head down to Shanmenqian's intertidal zone, where razor clams are bred, for a therapeutic "clamming" session.

The beach of Changjiang’ao consists of half sand and half pebbles. After the sea recedes, numerous crab babies can be found under the pebbles. And there are many beautiful shells in the sand. Here, the coastal landscape and windmills complement each other, making it a must-see when you are here to comb the beach.

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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