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Our home village: Hunan Village

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-04-18 | Wang Xuyan Stephanie

When it comes to "Hunan," most people's first reaction is Hunan province. In Pingtan, an island located in southeast China's Fujian province, a small sleepy village coincides with the same name sleeps at the feet of a lake. 

Lake Thirty-Six Feet is Fujian province's largest freshwater lake. Hunan Village is a rare vision of beauty made up of pristine coastlines and one of the nation's best scenic drives- Pingtan's Around-the-Island Road.

On a spacious village road, well-preserved rustic stone houses lined up to greet passing cars, and a canopy of verdant thicket shelters occasional travelers on their walk home. 

At the center of the village, sprays of dainty pear blossoms bosomed on a pear tree. Beautiful fragrance permeates the air.

Hiking up the cap of the highest hills, one can marvel at the glorious view sprawled beneath their feet. Stumps of rustic stone houses and bizarre rocks bask calmly under the sun, hidden among verdant meadows and rolling hills.

Speaking of rocks, the Goose Head Rock here is one of the "Top Ten Strange Rocks" in Pingtan. This bizarre rock formation sits on a rocky foundation. Well-defined and smooth, and slightly protruded, like a neck of a goose with a beak.  

Hunan Village is rich in natural resources, covering a variety of landscapes such as fields, hills, forests, etc. With arms stretched out wide, the village is ready to welcome visitors from far and wide.

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