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Summer variety show Youth Travel begins shooting in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-06-28 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

The summer travel variety show "Youth Travel" began filming on June 22 in Pingtan, a rising international tourism island off E China’s Fujian province.

The show is co-produced by Mango TV, Haixi Media Group, and Hangzhou Yowant Network Co., Ltd. 10 teenagers pair up to start a week-long island life in Pingtan. They will be exploring the island culture, visiting scenic spots, and completing various tasks and challenges.

Lin Yue, a diving champion at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics, joined as a member of the show. “I used to dive for competition. This time I’ll have fun in the water. They are two different states of mind.”

Each teenager gets a mere 500 yuan to speed a week on Pingtan Island. “We plan to travel in an economical way and hope to provide others with a valuable travel guide in the program.” Hu Yun, the producer of the Youth Travel, revealed that well-known Chinese entertainers such as Wong Cho Lam and Philip Lau will also participate. The program is expected to be aired on Mango TV in late July.

In recent years, Pingtan has become a popular location for films, TV dramas, and variety shows due to its unique natural resources like waterfront beaches, sea-eroded rocks, and distinctive stone houses. "In August, we will bring the second variety show, which is a music program in cooperation with national media." Zheng Binbiao, chairman of Haixi Media Group, said that the Pingtan authorities are impressive in providing services. Everything goes well. And we’ll surely come back.

At the opening ceremony, Chen Xunming, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, extended a warm welcome. He said that Pingtan boasts superior resources in the film and television industry and rich history, and he anticipates more to settle in Pingtan.

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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