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Best spots for culture-buffs in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-07-01 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

Pingtan, the second international tourism island designated by China's State Council, boasts rich natural resources and profound history and culture. Here, savor the beauty of Pingtan's unscathed coastal scenery and distinctive culture.

Pingtan International Performing Arts Center

As a cultural landmark in Pingtan, situated in the Jinjing District of Pingtan, the modern theater complex houses a 1,500-seat theater, a 400-seat multi-purpose hall, and a public service center.

A comprehensive theatrical setting catered for large-scale performances such as operas, stage plays, concerts, musicals, variety shows, dramas, and conferences. Mark your calendars for a year filled with excitement!

International Research Center for Austronesian Archaeology

This archaeology center rests in Pingtan's Shangpan Village on the Keqiutou excavation site, one of the oldest Neolithic sites along the Fujian coast to be uncovered today. This cradle of human civilization is estimated to be between 5,500 - 6,500 years old.

Pottery shards, stoneware, and other cultural relics unearthed from the Keqiutou Site are on display. The rich history makes the center another cultural icon of Pingtan.

Pingtan Underwater Archaeology Base 

The National Fujian (Pingtan) Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Base and Fujian (Pingtan) Underwater Archaeology Base brought a new chapter in underwater archaeology in E China’s Fujian province.

The bases are built on the underwater ruins across the Haitan Strait of Pingtan and Haisi (Maritime Silk Road) culture. The ruins have been selected among the 7th batch of the “National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units,” the first of its kind along the coast of the mainland and the most concentrated underwater remains discovered in the country. At present, the project has finished the preliminary design. Construction is scheduled to start in August this year.

Cross-Straits Center of Guoxue

The Cross-Straits Center of Guoxue was inaugurated on April 23, 2018, in Pingtan, also the closest place on the Chinese mainland to the island of Taiwan. The center strives for a mission: to ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue lost teachings for past sages, and to establish peace for all future generations. The center also aims to create a "common homeland" with spiritual connectivity between both sides of the Taiwan Straits in the new era. Guoxue is loosely defined as the study of ancient Chinese civilization- specifically, such realms as history, philosophy, literature, and art.

An array of activities such as cross-Straits Guoxue forums, Guoxue lectures, thematic study camps, and reading sessions, among others take place on a regular basis.

Party Museum

The two-story museum lies in Daping Village. There are areas for exhibition, conference, and reading.

It serves as a platform for Party members to exercise their pledge to the Party as well as a window for showing off the rapid development of Pingtan.

Mount General

Mount General, previously known as Mount Tiger, is located in the southeast of Pingtan. In 1996, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (CPLA) carried out a military drill nearby, which attracted great attention from people at home and abroad. During the drill, more than one hundred CPLA generals climbed up the mountain to watch the spectacular event. Later, the mountain’s name was changed to Jiangjun, which means general in Chinese, in commemoration of the great drill.

Haitan Ancient Town

Haitan Ancient Town is a large cultural tourism complex that houses buildings modeled on ancient architectural styles, the first tourist attraction of its kind in China. It exhibits rich Fujian culture. Tourists can be immersed in the ancient Chinese architecture and courtyards of Ming and Qing dynasties, unwinding from the rich culture.

Located in the Aoqian Taiwan-themed Town of Pingtan, Cross-Straits (Pingtan) Folk Art Museum houses an extensive collection of the province's intangible cultural heritage, Pingtan's Shell Carving.

As the first national privately-owned coastal defense museum, China Haitan Museum of Coastal Defense is situated at Haitan Ancient Town. The museum reveals the coastal defense culture of Pingtan, which is the fifth largest island in China and the largest in Fujian province, with exhibits such as weapons, warship prototypes, portraits of historical figures, etc.

Cross-Straits (Pingtan) Folk Art Museum

Located in the Aoqian Taiwan-themed Town of Pingtan, Cross-Straits (Pingtan) Folk Art Museum houses an extensive collection of the province's intangible cultural heritage-Pingtan's Shell Carving. It also functions as a cultural tourism base integrating exhibitions, marketing, and DIY experience.

In the display area, assorted seashells conjured by craftsmen turn into flowers, birds, landscapes, and figures, elegant from a distance and lifelike up close.

City Study

Besides a library, there are four city studies open round the clock in Pingtan. They are bookstores as well as lounges. It’s like being in your own study with the comfy furnishings. The four studies and the library share the same borrowing system that allows members to return books at any location.

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