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2022 Fujian Provincial Baseball and Softball Championship wrapped up in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-07-05 | Wang Xuyan, Stephanie

The 2022 Fujian Provincial Baseball and Softball Championship wrapped up in Pingtan on July 26. After 2 days and 20 rounds of hard battle, Xiamen's AMIS baseball and softball team finally outlasted the rest and walked home with gold and glory!


Currently, the team has 36 members (30 Taiwan compatriots and 2 Singaporeans). Chen Guanwei, a team member, said: We secured first place with our teamwork. There's no remorse for making this trip. However, it's a pity I haven't had time to appreciate the beauty of Pingtan. I hope I can come back again and enjoy the scenery of Pingtan International Tourism Island."


The competition is divided into 2 categories: an inter-university competition and an open compeitition for members of the public. The baseball and softball team of Fujian Information Vocational and Technical College won first place in the group stage of the university group. Team captain, Changjiang Zhixing, said the team owes their outstanding results to regular training, familiarity with the competition venue, and a good coach.


The chief referee of this competition, the coach and chairman of the Fujian Baseball and Softball Association, He Changzheng, confirmed there are two more upcoming games to be held in Pingtan this July. Baseball and softball are a sport suitable for all ages. Sport is also a good form of communication that bridges culture. The conducive environment and positive sportsmanship that comes with the sport shall pave the future of softball and baseball in China.

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