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Anti-Covid rap by Taiwan youths boosts morale in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-07-26 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

Fu Qifeng (Left), Yang Deyao (Right), and Zhangshi Bangni (Middle)

The social media went abuzz on July 20. Pingtan International Tourism Island finally eased its Covid-19 measures after a week of hiatus and tourist attractionsin low-risk areas resumed. Once again, Pingtan is ready to welcome visitors. During the period, residents cheered on with words and even - rap of encouragement. Here's one that went viral for its originality and uplifting beat.

Screenshot of the rap song entitled “Mask on! Don’t Cause Trouble to Others”

Entitled "Mask on! Don't Cause Trouble to Others," the brilliant cinematography and catchy music caught the attention of netizens.

“Dynamic Covid-free, dynamic Covid-free, welcome to Pingtan International Tourism Island. We, compatriots from Taiwan, feel the warmth of home in Pingtan. Government, quick response! Grassroots medics, stand by…” The 90-second video focuses on anti-pandemic frontliners as well as residents’ everyday life.

“I was amazed at how swiftly Pingtan responded to Covid. In a stroke of brilliance, the rap popped up in my mind,” said Zhangshi Bangni, a lead rapper of the video.

Two musicians pictured editing the rap

The 20-year-old Zhangshi Bangni majored in performing arts in Taiwan and came to Pingtan last July to become an intern in Pingtan. "I believe that Pingtan has broad prospects for development. Over the past year, I found that Pingtan is much similar to Taiwan, which makes me feel at home. By the way, I didn’t expect that the rap would strike a chord in Pingtan,” he said.

Yang Deyao (Left) and Zhangshi Bangni (Right) pictured practicing the song

Two other compatriots from Taiwan also contributed to the rap song. Fu Qifeng and Yang Deyao were responsible for directing, shooting, and editing. They were middle school classmates. They have been engaged in the music industry for over 17 years, making frequent appearances in big concerts in Taiwan. After the two learned about Zhangshi’s idea, they joined in. The trio completed the work in just one day.

Filming site

A quaint stone house, an all-night talk, or even the moment a flower blooms in Pingtan may inspire them to create. “I was impressed with Pingtan’s culture. I have also been to many scenic spots in Pingtan. The more I learn about Pingtan, the more I love it.” Zhangshi Bangni said he will continue to deepen his understanding of Pingtan and create more popular works to contribute to its endeavor to build a happy island spiced up by music and art.  

Lin Junqing

Currently, all of them are working for Pingtan M.R.S. Culture Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of M.R.S. Culture Group from Taiwan. Lin Junqing, head of the company, is from Taipei. Lin started his career as a DJ. “The sea breeze, the beach and the 'Sea Sparkle' make Pingtan’s Longwangtou perfect for music parties,” he said with excitement.

Having served as a DJ, a stage director, a performance producer, and an entertainment agent, Lin has been doing music-related work for more than ten years.

When it comes to his connection with Pingtan, Lin revealed that the company had been recommended to expand on the mainland and even the Asian market by way of Pingtan. But the plan was disrupted due to the pandemic. “We didn’t settle in Fujian until 2021 and then set up a number of bases. We hope to leverage first-line resources in Taiwan to promote the development of music culture on the mainland. After moving to Pingtan, we brought in 20 Taiwanese live-streamers in a Taiwanese live-streamers program.

Speaking of the construction of Pingtan International Tourism Island, Lin said that Pingtan is working on building a happy island of music and art. M.R.S. is a leader in the fields of music production and copyright. “Our group has 10 years of experience in music copyright sales. We can provide listing and marketing services on iTunes and other international music platforms.” Lin resumed that the group will introduce well-known singers and artists to the performing arts platforms on the mainland. In August, Pingtan’s branch is expected to invite Ashin, a member of Shin Band from Taiwan to Pingtan for a show.

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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