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Kites to light the night with festive fervor in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-08-12 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

Pingtan, the closest place on the mainland to the island of Taiwan as well as a rising international tourism island, is slated to launch its beach kite festival from August 13 to 14. The activity is part of the China · Pingtan Beach Games.

Colorful streamers and traction kites will take to the skies of Longwangtou Bathing Beach this weekend. So remember to look up the gusty skies for a feisty rainbow waltz!

Are you ready for a rare visual feast? Because this time, the kites will be dancing in the dark! As night falls, dozens of brightly-lit kites will rise in the wind, bringing the beach alive.

Flying kites is a traditional folk custom by which people pray for good weather. Pingtan, dubbed the “wind capital in China,” has unparalleled advantages for such activities.

Longwangtou Bathing Beach is the venue of the festival. Longwangtou, 500 meters wide and 9.5 kilometers long, is one of the largest beaches in China. The long and beautiful coastline, crystal and delicate beach sand, magnificent and aquamarine seascape, and scattered fishing grounds make it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pingtan and a perfect spot for flying kites.

The activity is guided by the Asian Kite Federation, supported by the Fujian Kite Association, and organized by the Tourism, Culture, and Sports Bureau of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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