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Road sings in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-08-12 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

As the music kicks in and the gorgeous scenery unfurls before you, what pleasant experience awaits at the end of an island excursion? Recently, a stretch of singing road at Pingtan's Northern Ecological Corridor has garnered the attention of holidaymakers.

The 500-meter-long road is like a beautiful ribbon wrapped around the mountains and sea. When your wheels roar past, the road hums a soothing tune.

“We carved grooves with different lengths and widths on the bridge, like a piano keyboard. When the vehicle speed reaches 50 kilometers per hour, the tires will vibrate against the grooves and play music for about 36 seconds,” said Yao Jainming, a manager responsible for the project.

A keyboard guardrail is set up at the Houlong viewing platform. When the sun cast a fraction of light on the keys, the keys turned into a silhouette.  At the viewing platform at Heping Village, the musical note-themed painting makes the road come alive, full of pleasant surprises.

Li Zhaozhao from Wuhan traveled here by car with his family. He was fascinated by the beautiful scenery here. “It’s delightful to take in the melodious music, colored paintings, and brilliant sunset here.”

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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