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Pingtan diversifies camping

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-08-17 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

"Resting in the shady comfort of a tent while reveling in the beautiful scenery is a wonderful experience." Ms. Shi, a tourist who came to Pingtan Island for the Island Life Festival, raved about the beach campsite. Pingtan is the fifth largest island in China and a rising international tourism island.

Wang Zhongqiang, general manager of Fujian Xina Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd, and event planner said Pingtan boasts pleasant scenery and holds a promising outlook for development.

"Camping has been catching on for the past two years. It's imperative to stand out by diversifying the local experience. The sea and the beach are Pingtan's greatest assets. By leveraging these, we could do cross-functional collaborations with various industries such as fashion brands, automotive, and luxury goods to elevate our tourism product," Wang suggested.  

Pingtan also installed 15 RVs scattered on a mountain overlooking the sea. In the morning, wake up to the gentle embrace of Mother Nature. In the evening, fall asleep while counting the stars.

“Each RV has a courtyard, where tourists can enjoy camping. Tourists like it very much,” said Chen Liping, deputy general manager of Pingtan Tourism Operation Management Co., Ltd.

Beigang Village launched the first rural campsite on August 6. According to Xue Li, manager of the campsite, the place offers an eco-experience recreation for tourists by integrating F&B and live music.

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