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Stone guardian: A rocky quest in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-11-24 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

As a local ballad sings, "Pingtan Island grows no grass but rocks." Pingtan, a rising international tourism island off E China's Fujian province, is famed for its majestic coastlines, aquamarine waters, and gravity-defying rocks. Here, strange rocks are celebrated and taken seriously by its loyal fan club- an association made up of volunteers dedicated to rock conservation, the first of its kind in the country.

A conservationist and her daughter pose before the "Goose Head Rock" for a memento

In November 2021, the Pingtan Rock Conservation Association decided to retrieve the long-lost “Gong Rock” documented in the local annal. It’s a clinkstone bearing a remarkable visual and audio resemblance to the percussion- gong. In the past, villagers would strike the acoustic stone to listen to the sound of nature.

"The walking trail and rock have been cloaked by wild bushes for over 20 years, making the quest extremely challenging. But hard work paid off!" With the help of rock enthusiasts, over 20 members of the association worked together to recover the geological heritage. Wei Bao, honorary president of the association, said that the operation raises awareness of regular rock conservation.

In the same month, the association dispatched 40 conservationists to tend 100 rocks.

Conservationists pictured salvaging “Little Dragon Rock” engulfed by thorns

“Regular patrols have allowed me to practice the concept of protecting the Mother Nature in daily life,” said Chen Qiang, a conservationist. 

Conservationists inspect “Ostrich Rock.”

Wei Bao said that during the period, some conservationists discovered the damaged rocks and they immediately reported them to competent authorities.

A conservationist visits “Sea Mountain Greybeard.”

“Unusual rocks are widespread in Pingtan. They are regarded as natural museums for geological research as well as valuable tourism resources. Irreversible once destroyed. For Pingtan building itself into an international tourism island, it’s imperative to give them more attention and care,” said Yang Guo, deputy president of Pingtan Rock Conservation Association. 

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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