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Oil painter from Taiwan paints kaleidoscopic Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-11-25 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

Liu Yongcheng, an oil painter from Taiwan, is working for a university on the mainland. Some of his works showcase Pingtan’s elements. The gorgeous scenery such as quaint villages, archaic stone dwellings, simple folks and customs, and the sea inspires him ceaselessly. Liu said that people from both sides of the Taiwan Straits share the same origin. And he hopes to promote cross-Straits exchanges through art.

Not long ago, Liu brought students to Pingtan to draw inspiration from nature.

Dongmei Village boasts one of the earliest fish markets and commercial streets in Pingtan. The pleasant landscape attracts numerous visitors. The captivating history and beauty of the village got the artist on an art run.

Liu Yongcheng shows his oil painting created in Dongmei Village

A few hours later, Liu's first draft was completed. Splashed in azure, the painting illustrates rocking fishing boats on the sea- beautiful and blissful.

Liu Yongcheng shows an oil painting created in Hunan Village.

Another work created in Hunan Village reveals a tranquil and warm village. Straight, tilted, tall acacia and short shrubs prosper. The thicket extends vertically from the hillside. Ancient stone abodes hid between mountains of yellowish-brown pigment, blending in harmony with the combustion of colors.

Take a close-up, you will notice the finishing touch of the painting. A lady stands quietly on the winding path at the foot of the mountains, watching quietly. 

Oil painting created in Maotouqian Village by Liu Yongcheng

In Maotouqian Village, two farmers make small talk. A young woman in a dress stands under the banyan tree. These details integrate into the landscape, telling stories of the mountains and seas that stir the heart and soul.

Liu’s oil painting created under the big banyan tree at Moutouqian Village

Having been on the mainland for more than ten years, Liu gets homesick from time to time. The trip to Pingtan brought back memories of his childhood. "Pingtan is the closest place on the mainland to the island of Taiwan. The stone houses reminded me of the good old days when I used to paint on walls like these back home when I was a child," said Liu.  

Liu said he would bring more students to Pingtan to create more works for Pingtan and bring people onto the island.

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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