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Pre-wedding travel photoshoots on the rise in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-11-25 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

Pingtan, an island off E China's Fujian province, has gravitated toward an international tourist destination over recent years. As the island diversifies its tourism offerings and gains popularity, we have witnessed a sudden influx of consumers in the wedding photoshoot market after Sanya and Lijiang.  

“Come, lean closer…”A couple from N China's Hebei province was shooting their pre-wedding photos at the Pingtan Taiwan-themed Film and Television Base. Retro café, movie theaters, and bookstores at the base transported the couple back to 20th-century Taiwan. "This place fits what we are looking for," said Dong Yuhang, the fiancé.

Dong learned about Pingtan through the internet. In addition to taking photos here, they also held an outdoor wedding ceremony at the Tannan Bay scenic area on the island. "The island romance brought us here. The sea is impressive.”

Chen Dingwei is a photographer. Having stayed on the island for four years, he said that the island ambiance is the selling point for many of his customers. Chen added that he had gradually moved on from traditional wedding photography to wedding travel photoshoots.

"Pingtan is a rising star in the pre-wedding tourism photo shoot industry." Ma Jinming, a local photo studio operator, said most of their clientele was locals who preferred to travel to places like Xiamen and Sanya for their photo shoots. On the contrary, now, nearly half of his clientele comes from other provinces.

Meanwhile, out-of-town photography studios also take a fancy to Pingtan’s shooting locations. A few days ago, we bumped into several photography tour groups taking pre-wedding photos at the Around-the-Island Road.

"We have had our eyes on Pingtan for years." Our clients like this island, too. Reefs, windmills, and avenues are ideal for backgrounds,” said the photographer A Chang from Putian city.

Besides, other photography studios from Chengdu and Guangdong have come to Pingtan. “The island preserves the ecology to the greatest extent. Couples favor novelty." A staff from Chengdu Xishu Studio said the versatility of Pingtan enables them to come up with retro themes, aesthetic styles, film-reel posters, etc, to cater to their demands.  

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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