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Unlocking "Cha" culture and slow island living in Pingtan

en.ptnet.cn | Updated:2022-11-29 | Lin Kongbo, Stephanie

Immerse in robust tea and friendship this winter

Tea, tangerine, longan, dates, and rice cakes being toasted on a charcoal stove

As the temperature drops, gather by the hearth in the comfort and warmth of a few besties. Savor a cup of charcoal-brewed tea; snack on roasted tangerines and trail mix; share about life and whatnots. Charcoal-brewed tea culture is brewing this winter in Pingtan, a rising international tourism island off E China's Fujian province.   

An ornamental treasure chest filled with an assortment of sweet treats

"I seldom take tea. But on special occasions as such, chilling over a cup or two with a couple of friends isn't a bad idea," said Lin Liping, one of the customers in a newly opened glamping-themed tea parlor in Pingtan.

“Young people favor bubble tea or coffee. We aim to promote Chinese tea culture by integrating Chinese cultural elements,” said Liu Xiao, manager of the restaurant.

Outdoor camping equipment used for interior decorations in the restaurant

Thatch parasols, camping tables and chairs, gravel floor…The tea parlor launched a signature "stove-boiled" tea service that features and integrates indoor camp-in-style and novel tea-making experience for the "in" kids. “We can enjoy the leisure and comfort of camping in downtown Pingtan,” said Chen Lingying, a local citizen. 

Outdoor camping equipment used for interior decorations in the restaurant

Over the past few years, camp culture has caught on due to travel restrictions. Taking this opportunity, Liu Xiao returned home to start the business.

After opening for business, consumers flooded in. “Most of them take pictures and post them on social media. Our business booms,” said Liu. 

Outdoor camping equipment used for interior decorations in the restaurant

Reportedly, the stove-boiled tea originated in China’s Yunnan province. China’s young generations jump on the bandwagon to briefly escape the bustle of urban lives, embrace nature, and practice meditation. 

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Editor in Charge:Lin Kongbo
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